A live mermaid was found on the Black Sea coast – impressive footage

Photos of the monster from the Black Sea caused a strong hysteria in the capital’s media. Last week, shocking evidence of the existence of a mermaid leaked onto the Web.

Scientists have provided the first results of the study, this is one of the most stunning and paradoxical creatures on planet Earth. While fishing, Nikolai Starukhin saw a body floating near the shore with barely noticeable signs of life. The fisherman crossed himself when he swam to the drowning man. He did not immediately dare to touch this. “I saw a sack floating near the shore, looked closely, and there was a man, and even alive. I rushed to his aid and went crazy when I examined the body close up. There was a real mermaid! At first I even trudged a little, until now. since then I can see those bright blue eyes. The cursed ones make you look terrifying, “says Nikolai Starukhin.

Scientists have already managed to prepare the results of the first studies. Scientists have stated that a mermaid can go without water for a long time. X-rays showed that her respiratory system is capable of holding the required amount of oxygen in special bags.

As soon as the creature enters the aquatic environment, the bags are emptied, and gill breathing is activated. However, this is not the most surprising thing. From the next discovery, the researchers ran to drink valerian. The previously dead body of a mermaid was thrown from the depths of the ocean.

The mermaid emits a powerful electromagnetic pulse that strangely affects the human brain. Scientists have concluded that this creature is capable of telepathic communication. All contacts took place through the exchange of mental images and clear sensations: fear, panic, acceptance, trust. The mermaid tried to “get in touch” with the man, but it ended badly for one of the guards, who monitored the safety of the experiments. “It’s impossible to explain in words. It was as if I became her hands, she instantly took possession of my body and forced me to rush to the research group with a baton. taken over by the mermaid.


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