Baby keeps waking up with scratches, mom checks the camera and calls the police

A strange figure

When a mother from Michigan noticed some strange things going on in her home, she decided to investigate. She wanted to find out what the source of the strange noises she heard at night and became more and more paranoid. She was even suspicious of her fiancé. but he promised it had nothing to do with the strange things that were going on.

she was starting to get quite worried. What happened? Were they all in great danger or was he exaggerating? ? Time to get some answers …

The baby monitor video

She decided to take matters into her own hands and set up a baby monitor to find out what was going on. What worried her even more was that one day she noticed strange scratches on her baby’s face.Was baby scratching herself or was there something more sinister in front of her?

Marks On The Baby’s Face

Heather Brough lived with her fiancé Joshua Higgins and their one-year-old daughter Lily at Joshua’s mother’s boarding house in Michigan. They were living there for about a year when they suddenly announced that they were going to leave. It started when Heather noticed strange marks on Lily’s face. As those scratches continued to show up on the baby’s face, Heather became increasingly concerned.

Reality Rumble

Before that, Heather and Joshua had a beautiful life. The two were in love and happily raised their daughter together in a small town that looked Quiet. When Heather started hearing strange noises someday, things took a sinister turn. on the floor, door hinges creaking, and random steps from the kitchen. When she noticed the scratches on Lily’s face, she had had enough.

Tensions started to rise

Heather started by asking Joshua if he’d get up at midnight and if he’d been in Lily’s room. Despite the fact that he denied that he was in any way involved, Heather maintained her suspicions, which led to tension between the two. He decided to take matters into his own hands and find out what was going on.

Finding Solution

Heather felt in a total bind. She didn’t want her fairytale life to end, but she knew that she couldn’t turn a blind eye when her daughter’s father hurt her baby. in her heart that something strange was happening and she was determined to find out.

Trying Some Ideas

This is exactly why Heather decided to buy a baby monitor. Joshua came with her and helped her with installation. Joshua suggested they position the monitor so they could see if the baby scratching herself or not. Note the fact that he was now making sure that Lily’s nails were trimmed the entire time.

Watching the Video

They bought the baby monitor, which had night vision, which hopefully could help them find out exactly what or who was causing this scratches. Although they didn’t sleep well that night, they greeted the dawn so they could see how Lily was doing. and watch the video from the monitor. They were surprised to see more scratches on Lily’s face. It was time to see what happened on the video.

Creepy Figure

The video showed the figure of a man showing up in Lily’s room and Heather immediately thinks this means Joshua is sleepwalking, but that doesn’t explain the scratches on Lily’s face or the strange noises. With a strong sense of fear, Heather realized that she needed to continue to control the situation before she could understand the bigger picture.

A Bizarre Stranger

In a second vision, Heather noticed that after the man had entered Lily’s room, Lily herself noticed him and got up with the help of the side rails of her cot. The shadowy figure appears to be facing the monitor, and that’s when Heather realized it wasn’t Joshua at all.

Dark Truth

Heather’s heart started racing like she had just run a marathon and her head started spinning. She was out of breath and couldn’t understand who this stranger in her baby’s room could be. She was afraid to think that someone was breaking into her house and targeting her little girl.

Leaving Time

She realized that this also explained the strange noises. The man passed their house. She watched the video over and over and soon found that the moment the character passed Lily’s crib, the figure became completely see-through. Heather froze because she didn’t believe what she was. She knew she had to show Joshua, but also that they had to leave the house ASAP.

Now What

Joshua shared, “It was terrifying … It was literally a shiver down my spine like, ‘What if? “Heather described the situation:” Seeing the scratches on Lily’s face was so strange and scary. I cried, ‘What happened to my baby?’ I grabbed his jacket and ran to my mother-in-law’s house. Nobody knew what had happened. We wondered if she had scratched herself, but Lily’s small hands didn’t match the scratches on her face.

Asking for Help

Joshua was as touched as Heather at the thought of the shadowy, ghostly figure that seemed to haunt his daughter’s room while they slept. He was horrified and fully agreed with Heather that they had to get out of there. They called the police and then contacted Michigan Paranormal Scientific Investigations.

The Investigation

Mike Priest, the co-owner of Scientific Paranormal Investigations of Michigan, brought a team to investigate his house, the team watched the video and examined the entire house, but his final report didn’t bring good news for Heather, Joshua, and their mother . which they said they thought the house might be haunted.

So Weird

Heather shared that this wasn’t the only strange incident she was going through. She shared, “I woke up one morning getting ready for work and felt like someone was strangling me, then I was shocked and at that point I decided to do it. She also said, “There were times when my fiancé and I would wake up in the morning to hear an angry male voice, as if someone had stabbed our toe.

Strange Sounds.

Mike Priest shared, “I definitely think something is going on in this house. We can’t wait to see this one too. ”Mike and his team set up recording equipment and after a while they heared strange noises. Mike said, “We heard something that said, ‘Oh, let’s go. Oh yeah.’ I heard it as clearly as the day.

Time Find the Truth

The next step was to find out what could be the source of these strange things. Priest and his team promised to check the pictures for a logical explanation before concluding that it was a possible paranormal activity. They wanted to hear more too. from Joshua’s mother Kris about the house and its origins. To whom did it belong and who lived before?


Who Was Living Here

Kris said, “When we bought the house a little over eleven years ago, I was told that the owner of the property in the main house had died, it is an old farmhouse and according to the niece she had fallen down the stairs. he broke both of his hips and stayed there for a long time before he died. He said the pension was built for the lady’s schizophrenic brother.

The Dark Past

Kris’ husband Jim, however, has a very different theory. He shared the story of the previous tenant with WXYZ-TV Detroit: “The gentleman who originally lived here … then jumped out of this window, which is one floor below.” None of this helped Heather and Joshua understand what was going on, however.

Must Hurry

Heather said, “We’re scared that she might do something else. Not only does it go after her physically, it also feels like she’s chasing me … That made us leave as soon as possible. We’ll get out of here ASAP. That’s a ghost, I don’t know what it’s up to, but now it’s getting physically harmful.

The Viral Video

Heather decided to go public with her story and shared the video on social media. The video went viral and a lot of people said it left them absolutely cold. While many expressed fear of what the video showed, others expressed skepticism, saying that it shouldn’t be a logical explanation for what was happening.

Ghost Shadow?

Kenny Biddle, a writer for The Skeptical Inquirer, said, “Another thing struck me right away: The ghost cast a shadow, actually two. This tells me that the figure is a solid physical object that can reflect light in milliseconds. “When the figure moves to the left in the video, you can see its shadow move across the ceiling right next to the ceiling fan.

The Skeptical Inquirer

The Skeptical Inquirer, in which Kenny Biddle works, is a magazine with the subtitle: “The Magazine for Science and Reason”. The mission statement of the magazine: “The Skeptical Committee of Inquiry promotes science and scientific research, critical thinking, science education and the use of common sense in the investigation of important issues. It encourages the critical investigation, from a scientific point of view, of controversial or exceptional allegations that are responsible for viewing and disseminating factual information about the results of such investigations to the scientific community, the media and the public.

Whats that means?

When it comes to stories of paranormal activity, there are plenty of skeptics. Publications like Skeptical Inquirer hope to provide a scientific explanation for seemingly unusual and often unnatural events or stories like Heathers.

Logical Reason

Biddle continued, “I guess Heather and / or Joshua had been watching TV and had a reason to get out of bed, maybe go to the kitchen for a drink / meal or go to the bathroom, they stopped the video and left down the street, rooms, unaware that they were being recorded, at an unspecified time they checked the footage and, due to the incomprehension of the video cameras, concluded that the distorted figure was a ghost.

Digging Deeper

Commenting on the mysterious scratches on Lily’s face, Biddle said, “Aside from technical issues, it’s not uncommon for babies to scratch. We know from what she said that Heather discovered the scratches after waking the baby from a nap. “Kenny wrote,”. .. but it cannot be ruled out that Lily scratches herself in her sleep. “As he went deeper, he discovered something very interesting.

Plausible Theories

He continued, “I’m not sure what exactly is the motivation behind these claims, but I have my suspicions. I went to Heather Brough’s Facebook page today and noticed that she was posting her first public post since November 2018 – it was a link to a GoFundMe account that she opened that day (March 26, 2019) with an aim of Had created $ 5,000. She asked for this amount to help her move out of the guest house, citing her daughter’s safety from all paranormal activity as the main reason for fundraising.

A Message On Facebook

She decided to contact Heather on Facebook and sent a message that said, “Hi, my name is Kenny Biddle and I’ve been researching paranormal allegations for 20 years. Your taped video of allegedly various paranormal groups caught my eye over a ghost walking around his house. After watching it, I wondered if there was a longer clip, maybe images that were shown a few minutes before (including) the clip of the clip that was shared on ABC Action News, the split clip starts with the character that is already in motion and I was hoping to see where it came from.

Needs More Information

The message continued, “I realized the TV was on, so it would be beneficial to confirm that someone was not watching TV (alive) and that they may have got up to get something. I am not saying this hoax. I am just trying to get as much information as possible to understand what is being shown in the video. I appreciate the time you spent reading this. I hope to hear from you. Have a nice day. “Unfortunately, Heather never replied to her message and the secret lives on.

Similar Case

A similar creepy story involves Maritza Elizabeth of Naperville, Illinois, who shared a story on her social media that contained something very unusual and seemingly terrifying. The trustworthy baby monitor came in handy, however. That happened to Maritza.

Nightly Routine

The 32-year-old mother followed her usual nightly routine: she fell asleep her baby and turned on the baby monitor to keep her baby safe throughout the night, but tonight something caught her attention that completely terrified her. .

In Her Own Words

Maritza stated in her Facebook post: “Last night I was certain that there was a ghost baby in bed with my son. I was so scared that I hardly slept. I even tried walking in with a flashlight while my son was sleeping. .

What Was Going On?

When she looked at the baby monitor, she saw a ghostly appearance of a baby lying right next to her child, she was totally scared, but when she went to investigate there was nothing next to her baby, she couldn’t see a ghost or anything. . What could it be?

Absolutely Terrifying

Now Maritza was absolutely certain that she was seeing a ghostly looking baby on the monitor, but physically there was nothing. She could barely sleep that night, completely overwhelmed with fear and wondering what the hell was going on. He went back to the crib to investigate further.

The Explanation

It turned out to be a major misunderstanding. Maritza explains, “Well, I’ll do a little more research this morning. It turned out that my husband had forgotten to put on the mattress protector when he changed the sheets. It could kill him. “The“ ghost ”was just a picture of a baby printed on the mattress all along.

It Went Viral

Normally, the baby’s photo would not be visible as the mattress protector usually covers it, but her husband forgot to put it on. Maritza’s post went viral, 158,000 people shared it and more than 260,000 liked it. The story went down really well with others.

People’s Comments

In fact, many shared their answers in the comments. One user said, “This looks scary on the monitor, no wonder it freaks out.” Another user commented, “OMG, I lost my shit and ran there!

The Psychology Behind It

In the 21st century, many people still believe in paranormal activity and that ghost sightings can be completely real. Psychologists explain that many “paranormal sightings” can be explained by faulty brain behavior. In fact, our brain activity can often lead us astray. to think that there is something when in reality there is nothing.

What About Out Of Body Experiences?

According to the BBC, “Out-of-body experiences are now accepted neurological phenomena, while certain visual illusions could confuse the healthy brain and create mythical beings.” This means that our own brain can often lead us to think that we are seeing a ghost.



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