9 Foot Shapes That Reveal Secrets About Your Personality

We are used to all kinds of predictions and people being able to tell our future by reading the lines on our hands or by the length of our fingers. But have you ever heard about the secrets that are hidden in your feet? That’s right! Like many parts of our body, feet have their own distinct shape that differs from the rest of people. We might sometimes seem alike, but there are actually no two people that are totally the same, even twins have their differences! This means that the shape of our feet can reveal some features of our personality. Is it true? Well, you can only look for your own foot shape and find out for yourself. Here are 9 foot shapes that reveal different personality traits.

The Egyptian foot

If you have this foot shape, it means that all your toes form a perfect line together and each toe, starting from the big one, is smaller than the previous. What does it tell about your personality? People with such feet are prone to mood swings. They are loners and can be very secretive, not liking to reveal anything about themselves.

The Roman foot

This is the most common type of foot shape that has three first toes forming a straight line. People who have such feet are usually friendly and very sociable. Back in the day it was the most common feet shape among the public figures of the Antiquity who exuded charisma. Hence, the name ‘Roman foot’ appeared.

The Peasant foot

This is one of the rarer foot shapes with all toes being the same length. A foot like that seems quite angular, but steady. People with such feet are practical, reasonable and very calm. They are trust-worthy and can be easily relied on in serious matters.

The Greek foot

Owners of this foot shape have the longer second toe that rises above all others. People with such feet are usually emotional, artistic and have a tendency to become leaders. Many athletes have Greek feet.

A little toe you can’t move

People that have this foot shape can push away their little toe only using fingers, but not toe muscles. What does this foot shape mean? Such people are usually workaholics that like to lead a stable life. They are measured, calm and quite conservative.

A little toe that can be moved

If sometimes you think your little toe is living its own life, then you definitely have this foot shape type. People with such feet are constantly searching for new things. They are adventurous, easy-going and like change in everything. While the previous type of personality was really into stability, these people are the exact opposite. They are always up for some crazy things

A super short little toe

The owners of these ‘isolated’ little toes tend to go against the public opinion and do things their way. They prefer being on their own and avoid loud crowded places. They usually invent their own style in clothing and can be easily set apart from the rest.

The third toe is turned outward

People with such feet like to have everything under control. They are great planners and like things going their way, without any surprises. These people just want to know everything in advance!

A gap between the toes

People who have a gap between the second and third toes are really good with separating emotions from logic. They make good diplomats, traders and analysts. They are often accused of being detached and unemotional, but it’s just the way they are wired.

11 Universal Signs That Someone Is Flirting With You

Some of us are bad at flirting, while others don’t know how to properly perceive the signs of someone else flirting with you. Lots of people are flirted with, but misread signals and just think that the other person is being nice. Recognizing the signs of flirting is important, whether you’re looking for love or just want to avoid giving off the wrong signals. Why miss the opportunity to connect with your potential soulmate? Here are all the universal signs that you’re being flirted with.

1. Longer eye contact than usual

If someone is looking at you with prolonged eye contact, it’s a sign that they’re flirting with you and find you attractive. Science says that people who gaze into your eyes are likely to have feelings of affection or attraction afterward.

2. Playing with their clothing

There are many nonverbal ways to indicate romantic interest. One of them is when the flirter starts toying around with a button or sleeve. Women do it with their hair all the time, along with batting eyelashes. When we’re interested in someone, we playfully fidget.

3. They tease you or awkwardly compliment you

Neither of these are sweep-you-off-your-feet moves, but if someone is jokingly picking on you (not in a disrespectful manner, of course) they might be into you! A backhanded compliment or light teasing is a way to test the waters and your reaction. Just make sure you’re not being bullied or put down.

4. They find a way to touch you during a conversation

Come on – we all know that arm graze or “accidental” bump. The hand over the popcorn moment. If you’re seated, the person might lightly touch your arm or brush your feet. This form of body language actually sends signals of attraction to your brain.

5. Lots of brief glances

Staring deeply into each other’s eyes isn’t the only kind of eye contact to indicate interest. If you’re getting lots of brief glances, it means you’re constantly catching their eye and they can’t resist looking back. It could be a coincidence, but that’s unlikely. Once you do lock eyes, it could be electric.

6. They exhibit nervous behavior

Does this person’s behavior change when you’re around? If they don’t flirt directly, you can recognize signs in certain actions. Does the person clam up or laugh more? Do they talk more or touch more? If their changes in behavior line up with these nervous moves, you might just take their breath away.

 7. They always like your social media pics first

A like doesn’t always mean that they’re head-over-heels for you, but in this day and age, it’s a pretty good indication that you’re on someone’s mind. Social media is a safer place to give attention without directly interacting with your crush, so if they’re always liking or commenting on posts, especially with the right emojis, they’re interested.

8. Theyre in the moment

If they’re relaxed and in the moment, it’s a sign they enjoy spending time with you and could be into you. If someone doesn’t check their phone, look at their watch, or have a wandering eye around the room, it’s a positive sign. It means they genuinely want to learn more about you.

9. They always laugh at your jokes

A good way to tell: if the rest of the group you’re with isn’t bending over with gut-splitting laughter but one person is, they’re flirting. If they’re crushing, they’ll always hear what you say, and show appreciation or indicate that they’re listening. Take note of whether they frequently respond to you with smiles, laughs, or giggles.

10. Moving closer to you

This is another flirty body language that’s frequently ignored. Generally, people only try to get closer to people they like, and if someone is trying to get physically close to you, it means they’re interested in being more than just friends. Another pro tip: pay attention and see if their feet are pointed in your direction.

11. They get deep in conversation topics

If you want to remain friendly with someone, you’ll probably exchange some polite words and small talks, maybe about the weather or what movies are out. But if someone is flirting, you’ll notice that they ask more personal questions and speak with more insight, along with asking your opinion on topics. They’re basically seeing if you fit into their lifestyle, and going deeper than the surface is an indicator that they want to be more than friends.


6 Signs He’s Not Boyfriend Material

When we like someone, sometimes we only see the attributes about them that we want to see. He could seem charismatic and funny, and like a great person to get to know and spend time with. But how do you know if he is really the kind of person you want to get serious with? Does he show potential as a guy you’d want to be in a relationship with? It can be hard to tell if a guy is willing to commit, or even if you’d want him to. A guy could be great during the beginning stages of courtship, but end up being a pretty awful boyfriend. How can you know if he is worth the effort and time? Check out these signs that he is not boyfriend material.

He Spends A Lot Of Time Alone. 

If he spends a lot of time by himself, it is an indication that he is sure of himself and independent. But it could also mean that he could be stuck in his ways and used to having things exactly like he prefers. This might not leave much room for him to be open minded to considering your preferences or desires.

He Says “I” All The Time. 

If he always says “I” during conversation, it could be a sign that he is pretty into himself, and not really considerate of the world around him, or other people for that matter. If he is only talking about his day or what he is going to do this weekend from his own perspective, he may not see much or a future with you, or think much of you being in his present life either.

You Have To Ask Him To Help You Out. 

They may say chivalry is dead, but that doesn’t have to be the case with your relationship. If a guy doesn’t offer to help you with a heavy bag of groceries, or to open the door for you in any situation, he isn’t worth your time.

He Doesn’t Think The World Of You. 

A guy that is really into you will think he just hit the figurative jackpot just by being with you. He won’t take your presence for granted, and will realize just how lucky he is to have found you. If he just looks at you like one of his options, this is a guaranteed sign that he would be a terrible boyfriend.

He Is Really Go With The Flow.

It’s nice to be with a guy who is down to earth and relaxed about things. But if he acts like he doesn’t care if you leave or stay, spend time with him or not, or enjoy your time with him or hate it, he might be a little too chill for a relationship.

He’s Not On His A Game. 

If you are a woman with your stuff together, you need someone who is either as well put together as you, or even more so. This doesn’t mean he has to be filthy rich, or have everything figured out. But If you are with a guy who isn’t trying to be his best and has a lazy, underachieving lifestyle, he may not have what it takes to match your hustle and goal-getting perspective on life.


He Is Totally In Love With You If He Does These 7 Things

It can be difficult to know when someone is really interested in you. Discovering someone’s feelings, especially if you don’t already know them, can be difficult and even quite stressful. This is definitely the case with men who may not always be. the best at communicating how they feel. And if you really like this guy, you probably want to know how he feels about you, or if he likes you as much as you like him. if you are ready to really understand your crush or love interest’s feelings, here are 7 things he will do when he totally loves you.

His Eyes Tell It All

The biggest sign that he is interested is the way he looks at you. He may not say so, but when he falls in love with you, he will look at you as if you were sent straight from heaven.

He Makes You A Priority

People only take time to do what they want and usually apologize when they’re not that interested. If your man is busy, be it at work, school, or with friends, and he’s still busy with you all the time, this is obvious sign that he really cares about you.

He Accepts You For Who You Are

Some men may want you to behave or dress in a certain way to meet their needs and desires, but if a guy is genuinely interested in you, he will willingly and lovingly accept you for who you are.

He Gives You Constructive Criticism

If a guy doesn’t really care about you, he is not going to invest enough to tell you when you’re off your game. They could easily see that you are self-destructive or make bad decisions and they won’t care enough about giving you feedback. But a guy who really loves you will call you out on your stuff for caring enough about you to help you be your best.

He Supports Your Aspirations

A guy who really cares about you not only expects you to make your dreams come true, but will also actively support you in them. Does it help you come up with new ideas for your business, constantly study with you for school or even show you are ready for your personal or professional assignments? He is definitely falling in love with you.

He Is Reliable Even When It’s Inconvenient Or Uncomfortable

You can really see how a person feels about you by watching their behavior in uncomfortable situations. Still making sure you’re okay after an argument? Does it help you run errands even if it shortens his free time? Small but good deeds like these show his true character and feelings for you.

He Includes You In His Life

If a guy isn’t really interested in you, you won’t know much about his life outside of his interaction with you. When you know all of your guy’s best friends, his favorite hang out places and hobbies, or even if he just keeps updating you about his day, this guy is definitely fall in love with you.


Speak and the App Translates Everything You Say (Best Voice Translator App)

Who has never dreamed of becoming a polyglot? Whether it is to go on a trip abroad, to work with a foreign colleague on a common project or to translate a text, mastering an unknown language is an advantage.

If for years, you had to go through a dictionary for hours to find the right words, it is no longer necessary today. There are indeed many translation applications that allow you to become multilingual.

Among all these applications, SayHi Translate stands out as a particularly intuitive and efficient product. No more lonely moments trying to make yourself understood at the airport or in the street.

SayHi Translate: The Best Voice Translation application

When it comes to using a translation app, one of the most important criteria to consider is how fast the tool is. On this point, the SayHi Translate application offers exceptional and breathtaking performance.

The app offers instant translations which is great for anyone who wants to get answers without wasting time. Besides translating a word or phrase, SayHi Translate pronounces the phrase for you with the correct accent.

The other advantage of the app is its ease of use. Write the sentences or words you want to translate in the app and the tool does the rest. In addition, it is possible to dictate anything to the application so that it carries out the translation in real time. So you won’t have any difficulty having a conversation with a stranger.

Finally, the SayHi Translate application allows you to translate words in more than a hundred languages. In addition, the application is constantly evolving in order to provide its users with an ever-increasing number of new features. Indeed, SayHi Translate is able to differentiate the different dialects of the same language. The application is therefore able to differentiate between French in France and Canadian French.

Pros Vs Cons


  • Free and compitable with all Android/Iphone Devices.
  • Support all Languages.
  • You can choose language for spacific country (Ex. English United Kingdom) to get more accurate translation.
  • You are able to choose the gender of the app speaker voice ( male/female ).
  • You can Adjust the translation speed so you can translate normal conversion or TV News, etc.
  • Easy enterface allow you to control everything with one click.
  • You can see the typing of everything you said or translated to make sure that translation is working fine.


  • The app needs Internet connection to download language pack that you use (first time only).

SayHi Translate: an ideal conversation translation tool

Sayhi Translate

One of the special features of the app is that unlike most similar tools, SayHi Translate was designed to be a real machine interpreter. The user has the possibility to select the idioms of two participants.

From then on, each of the participants can press the microphone in turn to dictate sentences and obtain their instantaneous translation. The application therefore makes it possible to have a bilingual conversation with ease.

In addition, the sentences dictated by the users are transcribed in the application with their translation. Through its many parameters, the application allows you to personalize your experience according to your needs.

The users have the possibility in the settings of the application, to activate or not the reading of the sentences by a male or female voice. In addition, it is possible to change the reading speed of the sentences.

Finally, Say Hi translate application has a modern and ergonomic interface in addition to its sleek design. The smart keyboard integrated into the application allows you to write quickly and intuitively. Finally, it is possible to identify the languages ​​of each country thanks to their flags.

How to Use SayHi Voice Translator

  1. Download the App from links below.
  2. Open the app and choose the language you’re speaking then choose the language to be translated into.
  3. Use the Microphone Icon to start translation.

Then you can see the typing of everything you said or translated to make sure that app is doing well.

Download SayHi Translate

You can Download Sayhi Translate Free with the most used options that you need or you can have additional options on the premium version of the app. The App is compitable with Android and Iphone Devices.

Download For Android

Download For Iphone


How To Survive Your Kid’s Public Meltdowns

All parents experienced the dreaded public meltdown. You’re running errands or trying to have a nice family day somewhere when suddenly the switch flips and you’re trying to calm a crying child down. The father has the magical solution and it is something inevitable that every father has to deal with. With that in mind, there may be ways to alleviate the situation.

Crises, especially public ones, are very difficult to deal with. They require patience, a lot of energy, and an irrational level of grace and humility. Whether your child is having a tantrum over a toy that you said they couldn’t have, whether they are in a bad mood because they refuse to take a nap, or even if they have no idea what is going on, crises are very difficult to deal with. . Here are some things to remember during these troubled times that can help you survive and get through.

Don’t Get Mad At Your Kid

We know this is really difficult, but believe us, it really doesn’t make any sense and it will be very rewarding to remember that you are the adult in the situation, it means that you are still in control have the situation and also the one with the power in the dynamic. . You have to do everything possible not to lose your temper. You can repeat the “I won’t be angry with a three year old” mantra to yourself if that helps. Remember that this too will pass.

Remember That This Doesn’t Define Your Child

Unfortunately, meltdowns are a normal part of your child’s development and it doesn’t determine their personality. This does not mean that it is now a new part of your personality. It is not reflected in your child’s character and you will soon be able to find ways to overcome it faster. Remember that the anger will pass and they will return to their normal, lovable state.

Don’t Keep A Laundry List Of Tantrums

If you don’t notice a pattern, just throw a tantrum at a time. By blurting out and kicking every time you feel angry, you don’t blame your child for what is ultimately best for everyone involved.

Don’t Forget That This Isn’t A Reflection Of Your Parenting

This can be difficult to remember at the moment, especially when you are faced with admonishing glances from strangers. Sure, it’s embarrassing, but don’t let anyone make you feel like a bad parent because your child is going through something perfectly normal. It is very good that your children are having difficulty regulating their emotions, it is part of their growth process. One day they will look back and laugh at those moments together. Now just try to get over them.

Drew Barrymore’s Daughter Had a Disney World Meltdown

Sometimes, It’s Okay Just To Buy The Cookie

We know this can be painful, but sometimes when you’re feeling absolutely defeated and ready to pull your hair out, it’s okay if you just buy the toy (or cookie or whatever) and move on. Later, when things have calmed down and you feel well again (which we promise you, no matter how far away you feel right now), you can re-examine and discipline the situation. Sometimes it’s better to drop everything and move on.

Most Importantly, Don’t Think About What Anyone Else Thinks

At the end of the day, you know your children better, you know your own limits, and other people’s opinions rarely help. Once you completely let go of the stress and worries about what other people are going to think of you as a parent, you will feel so much better. Parenthood is extremely difficult and extraordinarily personal, but difficult times to remember during difficult times. Work on it, and we promise you will never worry about other people’s opinions again.


Baby keeps waking up with scratches, mom checks the camera and calls the police

A strange figure

When a mother from Michigan noticed some strange things going on in her home, she decided to investigate. She wanted to find out what the source of the strange noises she heard at night and became more and more paranoid. She was even suspicious of her fiancé. but he promised it had nothing to do with the strange things that were going on.

she was starting to get quite worried. What happened? Were they all in great danger or was he exaggerating? ? Time to get some answers …

The baby monitor video

She decided to take matters into her own hands and set up a baby monitor to find out what was going on. What worried her even more was that one day she noticed strange scratches on her baby’s face.Was baby scratching herself or was there something more sinister in front of her?

Marks On The Baby’s Face

Heather Brough lived with her fiancé Joshua Higgins and their one-year-old daughter Lily at Joshua’s mother’s boarding house in Michigan. They were living there for about a year when they suddenly announced that they were going to leave. It started when Heather noticed strange marks on Lily’s face. As those scratches continued to show up on the baby’s face, Heather became increasingly concerned.

Reality Rumble

Before that, Heather and Joshua had a beautiful life. The two were in love and happily raised their daughter together in a small town that looked Quiet. When Heather started hearing strange noises someday, things took a sinister turn. on the floor, door hinges creaking, and random steps from the kitchen. When she noticed the scratches on Lily’s face, she had had enough.

Tensions started to rise

Heather started by asking Joshua if he’d get up at midnight and if he’d been in Lily’s room. Despite the fact that he denied that he was in any way involved, Heather maintained her suspicions, which led to tension between the two. He decided to take matters into his own hands and find out what was going on.

Finding Solution

Heather felt in a total bind. She didn’t want her fairytale life to end, but she knew that she couldn’t turn a blind eye when her daughter’s father hurt her baby. in her heart that something strange was happening and she was determined to find out.

Trying Some Ideas

This is exactly why Heather decided to buy a baby monitor. Joshua came with her and helped her with installation. Joshua suggested they position the monitor so they could see if the baby scratching herself or not. Note the fact that he was now making sure that Lily’s nails were trimmed the entire time.

Watching the Video

They bought the baby monitor, which had night vision, which hopefully could help them find out exactly what or who was causing this scratches. Although they didn’t sleep well that night, they greeted the dawn so they could see how Lily was doing. and watch the video from the monitor. They were surprised to see more scratches on Lily’s face. It was time to see what happened on the video.

Creepy Figure

The video showed the figure of a man showing up in Lily’s room and Heather immediately thinks this means Joshua is sleepwalking, but that doesn’t explain the scratches on Lily’s face or the strange noises. With a strong sense of fear, Heather realized that she needed to continue to control the situation before she could understand the bigger picture.

A Bizarre Stranger

In a second vision, Heather noticed that after the man had entered Lily’s room, Lily herself noticed him and got up with the help of the side rails of her cot. The shadowy figure appears to be facing the monitor, and that’s when Heather realized it wasn’t Joshua at all.

Dark Truth

Heather’s heart started racing like she had just run a marathon and her head started spinning. She was out of breath and couldn’t understand who this stranger in her baby’s room could be. She was afraid to think that someone was breaking into her house and targeting her little girl.

Leaving Time

She realized that this also explained the strange noises. The man passed their house. She watched the video over and over and soon found that the moment the character passed Lily’s crib, the figure became completely see-through. Heather froze because she didn’t believe what she was. She knew she had to show Joshua, but also that they had to leave the house ASAP.

Now What

Joshua shared, “It was terrifying … It was literally a shiver down my spine like, ‘What if? “Heather described the situation:” Seeing the scratches on Lily’s face was so strange and scary. I cried, ‘What happened to my baby?’ I grabbed his jacket and ran to my mother-in-law’s house. Nobody knew what had happened. We wondered if she had scratched herself, but Lily’s small hands didn’t match the scratches on her face.

Asking for Help

Joshua was as touched as Heather at the thought of the shadowy, ghostly figure that seemed to haunt his daughter’s room while they slept. He was horrified and fully agreed with Heather that they had to get out of there. They called the police and then contacted Michigan Paranormal Scientific Investigations.

The Investigation

Mike Priest, the co-owner of Scientific Paranormal Investigations of Michigan, brought a team to investigate his house, the team watched the video and examined the entire house, but his final report didn’t bring good news for Heather, Joshua, and their mother . which they said they thought the house might be haunted.

So Weird

Heather shared that this wasn’t the only strange incident she was going through. She shared, “I woke up one morning getting ready for work and felt like someone was strangling me, then I was shocked and at that point I decided to do it. She also said, “There were times when my fiancé and I would wake up in the morning to hear an angry male voice, as if someone had stabbed our toe.

Strange Sounds.

Mike Priest shared, “I definitely think something is going on in this house. We can’t wait to see this one too. ”Mike and his team set up recording equipment and after a while they heared strange noises. Mike said, “We heard something that said, ‘Oh, let’s go. Oh yeah.’ I heard it as clearly as the day.

Time Find the Truth

The next step was to find out what could be the source of these strange things. Priest and his team promised to check the pictures for a logical explanation before concluding that it was a possible paranormal activity. They wanted to hear more too. from Joshua’s mother Kris about the house and its origins. To whom did it belong and who lived before?


Who Was Living Here

Kris said, “When we bought the house a little over eleven years ago, I was told that the owner of the property in the main house had died, it is an old farmhouse and according to the niece she had fallen down the stairs. he broke both of his hips and stayed there for a long time before he died. He said the pension was built for the lady’s schizophrenic brother.

The Dark Past

Kris’ husband Jim, however, has a very different theory. He shared the story of the previous tenant with WXYZ-TV Detroit: “The gentleman who originally lived here … then jumped out of this window, which is one floor below.” None of this helped Heather and Joshua understand what was going on, however.

Must Hurry

Heather said, “We’re scared that she might do something else. Not only does it go after her physically, it also feels like she’s chasing me … That made us leave as soon as possible. We’ll get out of here ASAP. That’s a ghost, I don’t know what it’s up to, but now it’s getting physically harmful.

The Viral Video

Heather decided to go public with her story and shared the video on social media. The video went viral and a lot of people said it left them absolutely cold. While many expressed fear of what the video showed, others expressed skepticism, saying that it shouldn’t be a logical explanation for what was happening.

Ghost Shadow?

Kenny Biddle, a writer for The Skeptical Inquirer, said, “Another thing struck me right away: The ghost cast a shadow, actually two. This tells me that the figure is a solid physical object that can reflect light in milliseconds. “When the figure moves to the left in the video, you can see its shadow move across the ceiling right next to the ceiling fan.

The Skeptical Inquirer

The Skeptical Inquirer, in which Kenny Biddle works, is a magazine with the subtitle: “The Magazine for Science and Reason”. The mission statement of the magazine: “The Skeptical Committee of Inquiry promotes science and scientific research, critical thinking, science education and the use of common sense in the investigation of important issues. It encourages the critical investigation, from a scientific point of view, of controversial or exceptional allegations that are responsible for viewing and disseminating factual information about the results of such investigations to the scientific community, the media and the public.

Whats that means?

When it comes to stories of paranormal activity, there are plenty of skeptics. Publications like Skeptical Inquirer hope to provide a scientific explanation for seemingly unusual and often unnatural events or stories like Heathers.

Logical Reason

Biddle continued, “I guess Heather and / or Joshua had been watching TV and had a reason to get out of bed, maybe go to the kitchen for a drink / meal or go to the bathroom, they stopped the video and left down the street, rooms, unaware that they were being recorded, at an unspecified time they checked the footage and, due to the incomprehension of the video cameras, concluded that the distorted figure was a ghost.

Digging Deeper

Commenting on the mysterious scratches on Lily’s face, Biddle said, “Aside from technical issues, it’s not uncommon for babies to scratch. We know from what she said that Heather discovered the scratches after waking the baby from a nap. “Kenny wrote,”. .. but it cannot be ruled out that Lily scratches herself in her sleep. “As he went deeper, he discovered something very interesting.

Plausible Theories

He continued, “I’m not sure what exactly is the motivation behind these claims, but I have my suspicions. I went to Heather Brough’s Facebook page today and noticed that she was posting her first public post since November 2018 – it was a link to a GoFundMe account that she opened that day (March 26, 2019) with an aim of Had created $ 5,000. She asked for this amount to help her move out of the guest house, citing her daughter’s safety from all paranormal activity as the main reason for fundraising.

A Message On Facebook

She decided to contact Heather on Facebook and sent a message that said, “Hi, my name is Kenny Biddle and I’ve been researching paranormal allegations for 20 years. Your taped video of allegedly various paranormal groups caught my eye over a ghost walking around his house. After watching it, I wondered if there was a longer clip, maybe images that were shown a few minutes before (including) the clip of the clip that was shared on ABC Action News, the split clip starts with the character that is already in motion and I was hoping to see where it came from.

Needs More Information

The message continued, “I realized the TV was on, so it would be beneficial to confirm that someone was not watching TV (alive) and that they may have got up to get something. I am not saying this hoax. I am just trying to get as much information as possible to understand what is being shown in the video. I appreciate the time you spent reading this. I hope to hear from you. Have a nice day. “Unfortunately, Heather never replied to her message and the secret lives on.

Similar Case

A similar creepy story involves Maritza Elizabeth of Naperville, Illinois, who shared a story on her social media that contained something very unusual and seemingly terrifying. The trustworthy baby monitor came in handy, however. That happened to Maritza.

Nightly Routine

The 32-year-old mother followed her usual nightly routine: she fell asleep her baby and turned on the baby monitor to keep her baby safe throughout the night, but tonight something caught her attention that completely terrified her. .

In Her Own Words

Maritza stated in her Facebook post: “Last night I was certain that there was a ghost baby in bed with my son. I was so scared that I hardly slept. I even tried walking in with a flashlight while my son was sleeping. .

What Was Going On?

When she looked at the baby monitor, she saw a ghostly appearance of a baby lying right next to her child, she was totally scared, but when she went to investigate there was nothing next to her baby, she couldn’t see a ghost or anything. . What could it be?

Absolutely Terrifying

Now Maritza was absolutely certain that she was seeing a ghostly looking baby on the monitor, but physically there was nothing. She could barely sleep that night, completely overwhelmed with fear and wondering what the hell was going on. He went back to the crib to investigate further.

The Explanation

It turned out to be a major misunderstanding. Maritza explains, “Well, I’ll do a little more research this morning. It turned out that my husband had forgotten to put on the mattress protector when he changed the sheets. It could kill him. “The“ ghost ”was just a picture of a baby printed on the mattress all along.

It Went Viral

Normally, the baby’s photo would not be visible as the mattress protector usually covers it, but her husband forgot to put it on. Maritza’s post went viral, 158,000 people shared it and more than 260,000 liked it. The story went down really well with others.

People’s Comments

In fact, many shared their answers in the comments. One user said, “This looks scary on the monitor, no wonder it freaks out.” Another user commented, “OMG, I lost my shit and ran there!

The Psychology Behind It

In the 21st century, many people still believe in paranormal activity and that ghost sightings can be completely real. Psychologists explain that many “paranormal sightings” can be explained by faulty brain behavior. In fact, our brain activity can often lead us astray. to think that there is something when in reality there is nothing.

What About Out Of Body Experiences?

According to the BBC, “Out-of-body experiences are now accepted neurological phenomena, while certain visual illusions could confuse the healthy brain and create mythical beings.” This means that our own brain can often lead us to think that we are seeing a ghost.



A live mermaid was found on the Black Sea coast – impressive footage

Photos of the monster from the Black Sea caused a strong hysteria in the capital’s media. Last week, shocking evidence of the existence of a mermaid leaked onto the Web.

Scientists have provided the first results of the study, this is one of the most stunning and paradoxical creatures on planet Earth. While fishing, Nikolai Starukhin saw a body floating near the shore with barely noticeable signs of life. The fisherman crossed himself when he swam to the drowning man. He did not immediately dare to touch this. “I saw a sack floating near the shore, looked closely, and there was a man, and even alive. I rushed to his aid and went crazy when I examined the body close up. There was a real mermaid! At first I even trudged a little, until now. since then I can see those bright blue eyes. The cursed ones make you look terrifying, “says Nikolai Starukhin.

Scientists have already managed to prepare the results of the first studies. Scientists have stated that a mermaid can go without water for a long time. X-rays showed that her respiratory system is capable of holding the required amount of oxygen in special bags.

As soon as the creature enters the aquatic environment, the bags are emptied, and gill breathing is activated. However, this is not the most surprising thing. From the next discovery, the researchers ran to drink valerian. The previously dead body of a mermaid was thrown from the depths of the ocean.

The mermaid emits a powerful electromagnetic pulse that strangely affects the human brain. Scientists have concluded that this creature is capable of telepathic communication. All contacts took place through the exchange of mental images and clear sensations: fear, panic, acceptance, trust. The mermaid tried to “get in touch” with the man, but it ended badly for one of the guards, who monitored the safety of the experiments. “It’s impossible to explain in words. It was as if I became her hands, she instantly took possession of my body and forced me to rush to the research group with a baton. taken over by the mermaid.


What happens if you boil a banana with cinnamon and drink this water at night, before bed?

Such a little-known recipe is an excellent remedy for many problems, in particular vitamin deficiency and nervousness.

Its secret is that banana has a large supply of magnesium, and it, in turn, is able to have a beneficial effect on the nervous system: relax, eliminate stress, normalize the brain, improve sleep (make it strong and calm). Banana is not only a source of energy, but also a storehouse of other minerals. For example, potassium takes care of muscle tone. This is important not only for the muscles of the whole body, but also for the heart. Another mineral, phosphorus, will help the body digest carbohydrates.

The second, no less important ingredient in this cocktail is cinnamon. It is able to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and this is beneficial in that it reduces the risk of any cardiovascular disease. In addition, some studies have shown that cinnamon can have an antiseptic effect on the body and normalize hormones (especially useful for women). Some scientists have also found in a number of trials that cinnamon helps fight cancer cells.

Against what diseases the cocktail is useful:

  • Arthritis
  • Arthrosis
  • Migraines and headaches of a different nature
  • Ulcerative diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Pathogenic bacteria

Lose weight on bananas and water with cinnamon: drink recipes

What you need:

Banana (ripe and sweet fruit) – 1 pc.
Cinnamon (ground, natural) – 1-1.5 tsp
Water – 2-2.5 liters. (amount of water to taste)
How to make a cocktail:

Peel the fruit completely

Boil water
Dip the fruit in boiling water
Add cinnamon Reduce
Simmer for about 10 minutes
If you want to sweeten the drink, add stevia (best done in a filter bag).
Drain and drink the drink warm.

Banana drink with cinnamon and water: benefits and harms,
Dmitry’s reviews : “I welcome a healthy lifestyle, which means that food should also be complete and correct. I read the cocktail recipe and completely agree that this recipe is healthy. Only now, I still advise you to drink it not at night (if you have problems with weight), but in the morning after the first breakfast, 2 hours later (11: 00-12: 00). Try adding lemon or orange, raisins to the recipe. ”

Tatiana: “This gorgeous recipe is probably one of the few drinks that you can drink before bed. This will give a feeling of satiety (the path is small and not for long, but still). If you want to sleep very soundly, add mint or lemon balm as you cook. If you are not losing weight or on a diet, add honey to a warm drink – this will make the cocktail sweeter. ”

Yulia: “This kind of“ compote ”is one of many that I regularly cook for myself. Yes, banana is an unusual ingredient, but very healthy and tasty. A banana drink can be diversified not only with cinnamon, but also with vanilla, honey, raspberries, rose hips. ”


What Can Your Fingers Tell About Your True Personality?

Can Your Fingers Tell About Your True Personality?

When it comes to medical discoveries, they seem too technical for most of us to understand. Either that or they’re just depressing like the fact that there’s still no cure for cancer, right? As it turns out we have found a fun and interesting fact to share about the human body, something that might be new to you!

And it’s not so obvious like the color of your hair or your blood type – we bet you’re wondering what this might be about.


Yes, we are talking about your hands, specifically about your fingers. Who would have thought that personalities relate to this part of human anatomy? A lot of time went into this research, apparently. There are hidden facts that we can reveal based on the length of your fingers alone.

Come and find out more on the following page!

How this is works ?

The key to crack this secret is the relation of the index finger and the ring finger. Don’t be fooled by this image, ladies – this test applies to men only! The finger lengths correlate to the levels of testosterone in the body. The three types are 1, 2, and 3 as explained.

Just a quick note, women can definitely find this useful, too. Think first dates!


1. Short Index Finger, Long Ring Finger
Apparently, good looking guys belong in this category. Handsome and approachable – they are quick to make friends. When they can take their chance, they can become a bit more daring and pushy. However, this trait serves them in the business world as they have a natural talent to make money.

2. Short Ring Finger, Long Index Finger
Men in this category seem to be self-assured and a bit vain. Oddly enough, this type seems to thrive when left alone and is the most productive when working solo. If you fall in love with a man with this hand shape, be prepared to initiate as they are not quick to ask anyone out.

3. The Ring Finger And Index Finger Are The Same Lengths
A balanced finger size apparently means a balanced personality. These men are relationship-centric and cordial, above all else they value loyalty. They seem to be in harmony with themselves and the world and are generally very easygoing.