He Is Totally In Love With You If He Does These 7 Things

It can be difficult to know when someone is really interested in you. Discovering someone’s feelings, especially if you don’t already know them, can be difficult and even quite stressful. This is definitely the case with men who may not always be. the best at communicating how they feel. And if you really like this guy, you probably want to know how he feels about you, or if he likes you as much as you like him. if you are ready to really understand your crush or love interest’s feelings, here are 7 things he will do when he totally loves you.

His Eyes Tell It All

The biggest sign that he is interested is the way he looks at you. He may not say so, but when he falls in love with you, he will look at you as if you were sent straight from heaven.

He Makes You A Priority

People only take time to do what they want and usually apologize when they’re not that interested. If your man is busy, be it at work, school, or with friends, and he’s still busy with you all the time, this is obvious sign that he really cares about you.

He Accepts You For Who You Are

Some men may want you to behave or dress in a certain way to meet their needs and desires, but if a guy is genuinely interested in you, he will willingly and lovingly accept you for who you are.

He Gives You Constructive Criticism

If a guy doesn’t really care about you, he is not going to invest enough to tell you when you’re off your game. They could easily see that you are self-destructive or make bad decisions and they won’t care enough about giving you feedback. But a guy who really loves you will call you out on your stuff for caring enough about you to help you be your best.

He Supports Your Aspirations

A guy who really cares about you not only expects you to make your dreams come true, but will also actively support you in them. Does it help you come up with new ideas for your business, constantly study with you for school or even show you are ready for your personal or professional assignments? He is definitely falling in love with you.

He Is Reliable Even When It’s Inconvenient Or Uncomfortable

You can really see how a person feels about you by watching their behavior in uncomfortable situations. Still making sure you’re okay after an argument? Does it help you run errands even if it shortens his free time? Small but good deeds like these show his true character and feelings for you.

He Includes You In His Life

If a guy isn’t really interested in you, you won’t know much about his life outside of his interaction with you. When you know all of your guy’s best friends, his favorite hang out places and hobbies, or even if he just keeps updating you about his day, this guy is definitely fall in love with you.


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