How To Survive Your Kid’s Public Meltdowns

All parents experienced the dreaded public meltdown. You’re running errands or trying to have a nice family day somewhere when suddenly the switch flips and you’re trying to calm a crying child down. The father has the magical solution and it is something inevitable that every father has to deal with. With that in mind, there may be ways to alleviate the situation.

Crises, especially public ones, are very difficult to deal with. They require patience, a lot of energy, and an irrational level of grace and humility. Whether your child is having a tantrum over a toy that you said they couldn’t have, whether they are in a bad mood because they refuse to take a nap, or even if they have no idea what is going on, crises are very difficult to deal with. . Here are some things to remember during these troubled times that can help you survive and get through.

Don’t Get Mad At Your Kid

We know this is really difficult, but believe us, it really doesn’t make any sense and it will be very rewarding to remember that you are the adult in the situation, it means that you are still in control have the situation and also the one with the power in the dynamic. . You have to do everything possible not to lose your temper. You can repeat the “I won’t be angry with a three year old” mantra to yourself if that helps. Remember that this too will pass.

Remember That This Doesn’t Define Your Child

Unfortunately, meltdowns are a normal part of your child’s development and it doesn’t determine their personality. This does not mean that it is now a new part of your personality. It is not reflected in your child’s character and you will soon be able to find ways to overcome it faster. Remember that the anger will pass and they will return to their normal, lovable state.

Don’t Keep A Laundry List Of Tantrums

If you don’t notice a pattern, just throw a tantrum at a time. By blurting out and kicking every time you feel angry, you don’t blame your child for what is ultimately best for everyone involved.

Don’t Forget That This Isn’t A Reflection Of Your Parenting

This can be difficult to remember at the moment, especially when you are faced with admonishing glances from strangers. Sure, it’s embarrassing, but don’t let anyone make you feel like a bad parent because your child is going through something perfectly normal. It is very good that your children are having difficulty regulating their emotions, it is part of their growth process. One day they will look back and laugh at those moments together. Now just try to get over them.

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Sometimes, It’s Okay Just To Buy The Cookie

We know this can be painful, but sometimes when you’re feeling absolutely defeated and ready to pull your hair out, it’s okay if you just buy the toy (or cookie or whatever) and move on. Later, when things have calmed down and you feel well again (which we promise you, no matter how far away you feel right now), you can re-examine and discipline the situation. Sometimes it’s better to drop everything and move on.

Most Importantly, Don’t Think About What Anyone Else Thinks

At the end of the day, you know your children better, you know your own limits, and other people’s opinions rarely help. Once you completely let go of the stress and worries about what other people are going to think of you as a parent, you will feel so much better. Parenthood is extremely difficult and extraordinarily personal, but difficult times to remember during difficult times. Work on it, and we promise you will never worry about other people’s opinions again.


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