6 Signs He’s Not Boyfriend Material

When we like someone, sometimes we only see the attributes about them that we want to see. He could seem charismatic and funny, and like a great person to get to know and spend time with. But how do you know if he is really the kind of person you want to get serious with? Does he show potential as a guy you’d want to be in a relationship with? It can be hard to tell if a guy is willing to commit, or even if you’d want him to. A guy could be great during the beginning stages of courtship, but end up being a pretty awful boyfriend. How can you know if he is worth the effort and time? Check out these signs that he is not boyfriend material.

He Spends A Lot Of Time Alone. 

If he spends a lot of time by himself, it is an indication that he is sure of himself and independent. But it could also mean that he could be stuck in his ways and used to having things exactly like he prefers. This might not leave much room for him to be open minded to considering your preferences or desires.

He Says “I” All The Time. 

If he always says “I” during conversation, it could be a sign that he is pretty into himself, and not really considerate of the world around him, or other people for that matter. If he is only talking about his day or what he is going to do this weekend from his own perspective, he may not see much or a future with you, or think much of you being in his present life either.

You Have To Ask Him To Help You Out. 

They may say chivalry is dead, but that doesn’t have to be the case with your relationship. If a guy doesn’t offer to help you with a heavy bag of groceries, or to open the door for you in any situation, he isn’t worth your time.

He Doesn’t Think The World Of You. 

A guy that is really into you will think he just hit the figurative jackpot just by being with you. He won’t take your presence for granted, and will realize just how lucky he is to have found you. If he just looks at you like one of his options, this is a guaranteed sign that he would be a terrible boyfriend.

He Is Really Go With The Flow.

It’s nice to be with a guy who is down to earth and relaxed about things. But if he acts like he doesn’t care if you leave or stay, spend time with him or not, or enjoy your time with him or hate it, he might be a little too chill for a relationship.

He’s Not On His A Game. 

If you are a woman with your stuff together, you need someone who is either as well put together as you, or even more so. This doesn’t mean he has to be filthy rich, or have everything figured out. But If you are with a guy who isn’t trying to be his best and has a lazy, underachieving lifestyle, he may not have what it takes to match your hustle and goal-getting perspective on life.


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