Speak and the App Translates Everything You Say (Best Voice Translator App)

Who has never dreamed of becoming a polyglot? Whether it is to go on a trip abroad, to work with a foreign colleague on a common project or to translate a text, mastering an unknown language is an advantage.

If for years, you had to go through a dictionary for hours to find the right words, it is no longer necessary today. There are indeed many translation applications that allow you to become multilingual.

Among all these applications, SayHi Translate stands out as a particularly intuitive and efficient product. No more lonely moments trying to make yourself understood at the airport or in the street.

SayHi Translate: The Best Voice Translation application

When it comes to using a translation app, one of the most important criteria to consider is how fast the tool is. On this point, the SayHi Translate application offers exceptional and breathtaking performance.

The app offers instant translations which is great for anyone who wants to get answers without wasting time. Besides translating a word or phrase, SayHi Translate pronounces the phrase for you with the correct accent.

The other advantage of the app is its ease of use. Write the sentences or words you want to translate in the app and the tool does the rest. In addition, it is possible to dictate anything to the application so that it carries out the translation in real time. So you won’t have any difficulty having a conversation with a stranger.

Finally, the SayHi Translate application allows you to translate words in more than a hundred languages. In addition, the application is constantly evolving in order to provide its users with an ever-increasing number of new features. Indeed, SayHi Translate is able to differentiate the different dialects of the same language. The application is therefore able to differentiate between French in France and Canadian French.

Pros Vs Cons


  • Free and compitable with all Android/Iphone Devices.
  • Support all Languages.
  • You can choose language for spacific country (Ex. English United Kingdom) to get more accurate translation.
  • You are able to choose the gender of the app speaker voice ( male/female ).
  • You can Adjust the translation speed so you can translate normal conversion or TV News, etc.
  • Easy enterface allow you to control everything with one click.
  • You can see the typing of everything you said or translated to make sure that translation is working fine.


  • The app needs Internet connection to download language pack that you use (first time only).

SayHi Translate: an ideal conversation translation tool

Sayhi Translate

One of the special features of the app is that unlike most similar tools, SayHi Translate was designed to be a real machine interpreter. The user has the possibility to select the idioms of two participants.

From then on, each of the participants can press the microphone in turn to dictate sentences and obtain their instantaneous translation. The application therefore makes it possible to have a bilingual conversation with ease.

In addition, the sentences dictated by the users are transcribed in the application with their translation. Through its many parameters, the application allows you to personalize your experience according to your needs.

The users have the possibility in the settings of the application, to activate or not the reading of the sentences by a male or female voice. In addition, it is possible to change the reading speed of the sentences.

Finally, Say Hi translate application has a modern and ergonomic interface in addition to its sleek design. The smart keyboard integrated into the application allows you to write quickly and intuitively. Finally, it is possible to identify the languages ​​of each country thanks to their flags.

How to Use SayHi Voice Translator

  1. Download the App from links below.
  2. Open the app and choose the language you’re speaking then choose the language to be translated into.
  3. Use the Microphone Icon to start translation.

Then you can see the typing of everything you said or translated to make sure that app is doing well.

Download SayHi Translate

You can Download Sayhi Translate Free with the most used options that you need or you can have additional options on the premium version of the app. The App is compitable with Android and Iphone Devices.

Download For Android

Download For Iphone


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