What happens if you boil a banana with cinnamon and drink this water at night, before bed?

Such a little-known recipe is an excellent remedy for many problems, in particular vitamin deficiency and nervousness.

Its secret is that banana has a large supply of magnesium, and it, in turn, is able to have a beneficial effect on the nervous system: relax, eliminate stress, normalize the brain, improve sleep (make it strong and calm). Banana is not only a source of energy, but also a storehouse of other minerals. For example, potassium takes care of muscle tone. This is important not only for the muscles of the whole body, but also for the heart. Another mineral, phosphorus, will help the body digest carbohydrates.

The second, no less important ingredient in this cocktail is cinnamon. It is able to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and this is beneficial in that it reduces the risk of any cardiovascular disease. In addition, some studies have shown that cinnamon can have an antiseptic effect on the body and normalize hormones (especially useful for women). Some scientists have also found in a number of trials that cinnamon helps fight cancer cells.

Against what diseases the cocktail is useful:

  • Arthritis
  • Arthrosis
  • Migraines and headaches of a different nature
  • Ulcerative diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Pathogenic bacteria

Lose weight on bananas and water with cinnamon: drink recipes

What you need:

Banana (ripe and sweet fruit) – 1 pc.
Cinnamon (ground, natural) – 1-1.5 tsp
Water – 2-2.5 liters. (amount of water to taste)
How to make a cocktail:

Peel the fruit completely

Boil water
Dip the fruit in boiling water
Add cinnamon Reduce
Simmer for about 10 minutes
If you want to sweeten the drink, add stevia (best done in a filter bag).
Drain and drink the drink warm.

Banana drink with cinnamon and water: benefits and harms,
Dmitry’s reviews : “I welcome a healthy lifestyle, which means that food should also be complete and correct. I read the cocktail recipe and completely agree that this recipe is healthy. Only now, I still advise you to drink it not at night (if you have problems with weight), but in the morning after the first breakfast, 2 hours later (11: 00-12: 00). Try adding lemon or orange, raisins to the recipe. ”

Tatiana: “This gorgeous recipe is probably one of the few drinks that you can drink before bed. This will give a feeling of satiety (the path is small and not for long, but still). If you want to sleep very soundly, add mint or lemon balm as you cook. If you are not losing weight or on a diet, add honey to a warm drink – this will make the cocktail sweeter. ”

Yulia: “This kind of“ compote ”is one of many that I regularly cook for myself. Yes, banana is an unusual ingredient, but very healthy and tasty. A banana drink can be diversified not only with cinnamon, but also with vanilla, honey, raspberries, rose hips. ”


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